PaperCut Balance Increase Cards

Need More Printing Funds?

Students are provided with $15 of “free” printing at the start of the semester.  Each month, their balance is reset to $15.00.  If you have run out of “free” printing funds and need a bit more to cover your printing needs until the first of next month, simply visit the Campus Store on the Greenspring or Owings Mills campus and purchase a code to add $5.00 of funds to your account.

The PaperCut cards operate just like any gift card.  Simply take the code on the card and enter it into your account on under the “Redeem Card” option and the funds will be immediately available to you for printing and copying.

Each PaperCut card is good for $5.00 of additional printing funds and can only be applied to one account. Codes and unused funds will expire at the end of the semester.


·         Stevenson’s Print Copy Program:


·         Help: Contact Tech Connection



  • How much do the cards cost?
    Each card will be sold for $5.00.
  • How long is the card good for?
    The cards will expire on the date printed on the face of the card.
  • How do I know if I need a card?
    If you run out of funds before the end of the month and absolutely need to print or copy before your account is replenished on the 1st day of the next month, then this may be for you.  That’s right.  Your account is automatically replenished every month.  Sweet. 
  • Can I use these funds to make other purchases?
    No.  These cards will only be used to increase your PaperCut printing/copying funds.
  • Can I buy a card for a friend?
    Sure.  That is a really nice thing to do.
  • Are the cards refundable if I don’t use the code?
    No.  The cards are sold as is and there are no refunds.
  • What if the code on my card doesn’t work?
    Go back to the Campus Store and ask for a replacement.  All of the cards are tracked, so we will need to get the bad card back to determine why it failed.
  • How soon will the money show up on my account?
    Immediately – if not sooner. 
  • Are the cards sold at any other location other than the Owings Mills and Greenspring Campus Store locations?
    Not at this time.
  • Is it true that Stevenson provides more free printing than nearly every other school?
    Google it yourself.  Kinda cool, really.
  • Where can I read the full details about the Stevenson Copy/Print Management Program?
    Right HERE.
  • Where can I get other questions answered?
    If they are Stevenson technology-related questions, then I suggest our Tech Connection Helpdesk.  Questions about life and other deep subjects…Stevenson has other offices for that.  We are all here to help.