Software Store

Low Educational Pricing on Specific Packages Licensed under the Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium

As a member of the Stevenson University community, you are offered the opportunity to purchase software at special academic pricing. The Office of Information Technology and the University Store have partnered with a third-party vendor to offer this opportunity to all students, faculty and staff.

All purchases done through the Software Store offer you the option for a direct download or discs shipped to your home for a nominal fee (some titles are “download only” and some large downloads will include a “download fee.”)  License keys are accessible in the “My Account” section of the Software Store. The vendor offers help and support for all related purchases through phone and email.

Free Office 365 for PC and Mac (not offered through the Software Store)

For information on the free Microsoft Office 365 Home and School Program please click here.


Microsoft Licensed Software

  • Students, Faculty and Staff may purchase software through the “Student Select” agreement at a significantly reduced cost over the normal retail price of the software.  The software license will be yours for the duration of your desired use of the product.
  • The “Work at Home” agreement entitles the license for these titles to be used only for the duration of your affiliation with Stevenson University and the software must be removed/uninstalled upon graduation or your end of employment at the University.
  • Please read the conditions of the purchase carefully, as refunds are not offered through this vendor.


Other Licensed Titles

  • Pricing/licensing for all of the other titles in the Software Store is specified on the details for each title.  Some of these purchases will be for a “12 Month Rental” after which time the software will cease to function.
  • Please read the conditions of the purchase carefully, as refunds are not offered through this vendor.


Accessing the Store

To find the Software Store navigate to: SU NOW Portal > Applications > SU Cloud or access the SU Cloud directly at

Once you have logged in, click on University Store > Software Purchases.  You will automatically be logged in to the Software Store and can then begin browsing titles and making purchases.


A Few Tips:

  • All sales are final – no refunds are offered by the vendor, so please be sure to verify your selection before checking out.
  • Keep the license key in a safe place, and make a note of the specific software title associated with the key.
  • Make a backup of the downloaded software in case you need to re-install at a later date.
  • Keep the support phone number for the vendor with your license key.
  • Some software titles are large downloads, so be sure to have a stable network connection and plenty of storage space for your downloads.


Remember that all support for these purchases is facilitated through the Kivuto Software Store.  Neither the University Store nor the Office of Information Technology is able to assist with any issues that may arise or keep records of purchases.