Purchasing a Computer

Before you purchase a computer, OIT suggests you examine how you intend to use that computer. Your work habits, possible fields of study and personal interests should be factored into your decision.

1. Choose between Apple OSX and Windows 8/10.

In general, Windows operating systems are more suited to a wide variety of software applications and are less expensive for similar processing speed. Apple computers can be easier to set up, to learn and to use and offer more functionality for intensive graphic and video editing.

2. Choose between a desktop and a laptop.

Desktops are generally less expensive but are confined to one location. Laptops allow you more flexibility and mobility with connectivity options to numerous Stevenson services and other sites.

3. Decide what you can afford to spend on hardware, as long as the configuration meets the minimum specifications.

Be sure to include the cost of software. Certain Microsoft software products are available to Faculty, Staff and Students in the SU Cloud at significantly discounted prices.

4. Plan to have the capability to connect to the SU network.

Be sure that the device has a Ethernet network port and Wifi capabilities (many systems are shipped with outdated network drivers, so please run a full update of your system to be sure to get the most current drivers.)

5.  Computer Purchasing Discounts

Recently, certain vendors who had offered Stevenson-specific discounts for computer purchases ceased to offer those programs. Nearly all computer vendors have special discounts for students. Check with your intended vendor to see if they offer such discounts. Many will require an active student ID card with a photo as proof of student status to qualify.

If you have any questions regarding compatibility, please contact Tech Connection at 443-334-3000.